Transiton to the colorful world of Adobe


I have officially made the transition between Final Cut Pro Studio to the Adobe Creative Cloud CS6.  After putting off buying After Effects or switching to Premiere for so long because I didn’t want to cough up the +$2,000, Adobe came out with something I could not pass up.  A $50 a month membership to its Creative Cloud.  This gives me unlimited access to ALL Adobe software.  There are some programs that I won’t even touch but I have already tapped into After Effects and Premiere Pro.  There are several reasons why I made the switch but the main reason is because I really wanted to learn and use After Effects to elevate my graphics capabilities.  I also did not want to go to FCP X which has been making FCP users everywhere make the leap to Adobe.  I am now one of them.

Adobe Premiere Pro has made it ridiculously easy to make the switch.  They have a FCP shortcut keyboard that you can use.  I don’t have to learn all new shortcut keys which would have been dreadful.  After editing my first project (The one pictured above), I feel pretty comfortable with the program.  I was constantly getting stuck on some things that Premiere does differently than FCP but after some trial and error I was able to continue editing.  Its pretty safe to say after just a day on the system I feel good about the switch.  After over 5 years on FCP, It will obviously take me awhile to be fully confident on Premiere.  I may just have to dedicate more time to some of my projects at the beginning.  The big difference that I have noticed is that it can take .h264 (DSLR Footage) natively (No Rendering needed)  This saves me several hours of converting footage through Compressor.  Another thing is the rendering is so much faster on complex projects with multiple layers like the one above.  FCP was slowing me down and it was time to dump it.

I also dabbled into the world of After Effects – a program that really is only limited to one’s imagination.  I have A LOT to learn here but I am watching several tutorials and playing around with many of its features.  Its one of those things that will just take some time and dedication to learn.  After just a few hours on the program I was able to come up with this graphic animation (below).  It uses many of the cool effects such as 3D, keying, particle producers, and text fx.  I love this program already.

So here I go… another several programs to learn and play with.  Hopefully it steps up my production value and workflow!  Stay tuned!



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