Intro video for First Presbyterian Church of Boulder’s sermon series called “Truthstories”  The challenge was to come up with a compelling intro by just using some of the pastors notes.  After several days of coming up with no ideas I came up with the idea of making the Bible come alive, giving it a life of its own, just like the stories that are told in the Bible.   All of the words in this video appeared somewhere in the notes or in the book of Luke.


20110908-030230.jpgTo make the appearance of the Bible coming alive I used some lighting a little help from a fan.  With the fan off camera the video creates the illusion that the Bible is flipping its pages on its own.  A few filters were used to make a completely black background by crushing the blacks and saturation in the filter: Color Correction 3-Way.  I used the effects:  Dazzle and Bloom together for the light reflections on the Bible.


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