I love producing videos for The Annex, a college ministry in Boulder, because I was involved in the ministry for 4 years when I was in college.  I made some of my best friends and met and married my wife at this ministry.  I do not know where I would be today if I did not have this ministry.  Over the years I have produced many videos for The Annex and each one seems to get better and better…

THE VIDEO:  Well, it was one of the most challenging videos I have ever done but definitely worth it.  There was also pressure to top last year’s opener that I did (attached in a post bellow) so you will need to be the judge. Inspired by the video MOVE on Vimeo, this 3 minute video is comprised of about 150 different shots.  I didn’t want to make it exactly like MOVE so we had to add our own elements.  Timelapse, Glidecam shots, and quick editing added character to this video to set it apart.  The video kicks off The Annex year and depicts college life in Boulder.  The character is this year’s Annex intern Jay J Matott.  The cool part about being a filmmaker is that I can pick shots that are meaningful to me.  The opening timelapse shots came from an overlook within walking distance of our apartment.  I get to see this view everyday!  The first shot with Jay J was taken at my freshmen year dorm courtyard: Sewall Hall.  I thought it would be fitting to start the video’s journey from where my Boulder journey began in the fall of 2005.  Over the years, I found myself walking in the same places that the video takes you.  Although much of the campus has changed with several new buildings, it still has the same unique CU character as it did when I got there 6 years ago.  Some noteworthy places in the video are the Coors Event Center (basketball stadium), Folsom Field (football stadium), UMC fountains, Old Main (The oldest building on campus), Boulder’s famous Pearl Street, and First Presbyterian Church (Where The Annex meets).  It’s only fitting that the soundtrack is called ‘Coming Home’ because little did I know, just like many other out of state freshmen, that when I drove over the hill on highway 36 looking over the Boulder valley that I too would one day call Boulder home.  Enjoy the video.

TECHNICAL:  Walking scenes shot in one day on Nikon D7000 (35mm 1.8)  Timelapse shot in June (18-200mm) A few B-Roll scenes were shot on JVC GY-HD100U from last year’s Annex shoot.  Edited with Final Cut Pro.  Slow motion with Twixtor plug-in.  Music: Diddy – Dirty Money – Coming Home ft. Skylar Grey mixed with Instrumental Version.  Check out the behind the scenes info in the post bellow!


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