BEHIND THE SCENES [Coming Home – Boulder, CO – Annex Opener 2011]


because it was almost impossible to frame up Jay J’s walk the same way for each shot,  I had to align each shot in post-production.  I used a red reference line that I laid above the main track.  This line was my reference point to make sure Jay J was walking in the center for every shot.  To do this, I had to resize and move each shot accordingly.  When I cut each shot together I made sure his head was almost in the exact same location as the previous shot.  This created the illusion that Jay J was walking through each scene.  Once edited, I deleted the red line and the video was good to go.


Most of the shots (blue clips V1, V2) were straight cuts with the exception of some flash transitions. The light purple clips are Twixtor slow motion plug-in shots.  The audio (green clips) was a challenge because we didn’t want all of Diddy’s rap (no offense Diddy, some of your lyrics just didn’t fit this video)  I cut the original song (A1, A2) with an instrumental version (A3, A4).  The other clips were sound fx of a fighter jet that I used for transitions.


To create the vibrant colors on some of the scenes I used FCP 3 Way color effect.  I then bumped the saturation added a little orange.  I also used a Blue tinted vignette and another FCP plug-in called Luma Toy to add even more color.


Organization was key to this video because there were over 150 shots.  Within Final Cut I labeled each shot accordingly and gave it a description about its location.  I then placed them into bins according to what type of shot it was.


Before the shoot I brainstormed my ideas for the video and listed some shots I definitely wanted to get.  Some shots, unfortunately, did not make the cut.


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